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Multiturn, concerning activities as a violinist.

Fabra records, label of ter Jung's CDs.

TKO, Telemark Chamber Orchestra

Previous events:

Activities 2016:

November: Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra with soloist Guro Kleven Hagen, violin.

November: Concert in Lodz, Poland. Telemark Chamber Orchestra in co-operation with PRIMUZ chamber orchestra of The Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Lodz. Mozart Symphony no. 29, Chopin op. 2 - more Mozart, Grieg and Sæverud. Soloist: Mariusz Drzewicki, piano.

October: "Oppstryk" in Finnmark. Course for string players.

August: Course for young string players at Halsnøy.

Week 24: Conducting "Opera in the Church", a concept by Trond Hallstein Moe, at the "Vestfoldfestspillene"' in Tønsberg. An full scale opear made out of excerpts from Tosca, Cavalleria Rusticana, Othello, Tannhäuser and Faust. Telemark Ch. Orch. in co-operation with Marinemusikken (Wind band from the Norwegian armed forces).

Week 18: Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; this year's "Ung Com" / "Ung Play" project, with compositions made by young music students, and a "sitting side by side with the professionals" concept (Nordstrand Ungdomsorkester).

Week 17: Beethoven programme with the Nord Rogaland Symphony Orchestra; 8th Symphony and Triple Concerto.

Week 16: 'Oppstryk' in Finnmark, visiting Zapoljarny i Russia; Course for young string players that provides the possibility for orchestra playing in this furthest North-East region of Norway. Co-operation with Russian string players.

Week 10: Johann Michael Haydn: Requiem i C-moll (1771) "Missa pro Defuncto Archiepiscopo Sigismundo" with the Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra. Also pieces by Gorecki and Piazzolla. This string orchestra gives young players the possibility to play with professionals, which gives them important orchestra experience.

Week 9: Release of the last CD with the Telemark Chamber Orchestra, "Tapestry", on the Fabra label, consisting of 7 new pieces by younger composers, all resident in Norway.

Week 7: Telemark Chamber Orchestra in co-operation with PRIMUZ chamber orchestra of The Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Lodz, Poland. Concert in Lodz with music by Bacewicz, Jerzy Bauer and Jan Erik Mikalsen. On February 2. ter Jung premiered the extended third Version of "Introduction and 3 prayers for Peace" for string orchestra by Polish composer Jerzy Bauer (1936 - ) On the programme was also "Lied" for string ensemble (2012) by Jan Erik Mikalsen (1979 - ) , the second performance worldwide of this piece.

Activities 2015:

Week 44: 'Oppstryk' in Finnmark. Course for young string players that provides possibility for orchestra playing in this furthest North-East region in Norway.

Week 47: Two concerts with Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, a string orchestra which also gives young players possibility of orchestra experience.

Week 50: ter Jung gives Master class at The Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Lódz, and conducts a concert with PRIMUZ Chamber Orchestra. This is part of Telemark Chamber Orchestra's ongoing co-operation with this Polish Academy.

Week 52: Conducting a New Years concert in Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Music Hall on Dec 26, with the Symphony Orchestra of the Music Academy of Shanghai University.

January / February: Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti. 6 performances at the regional Opera in Kristiansund, Norway.

22-28 Febr: Telemark Chamber Orchestra in co-operation with PRIMUZ chamber orchestra of The Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Lódz, Poland, in connection with the ongoing co-operation 2014-2015. Concert in 'Ælvespeilet', Porsgrunn.

20-22 March: 'Oppstryk' in Finnmark. Course for young string players that provides possibility for orchestra playing in this region, the furthest North- East in Norway.

19. April: Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra at 'Valen dagane'. Soloist: Isa Katharina Gericke, soprano.

10. May: Nord Rogaland Symphony Orchestra. Beethoven 'Egmont ouverture', 1st Symphony and Romanzas for violin, with Almas Karakystyk, in 'Festiviteten' Haugesund.

Week 20: Telemark Chamber Orchestra concerts in Telemark and Oslo. Soloist: Unni Løvlid. World premiere: '"Hygienic variations' by Øyvind Mæland.

Week 22: Telemark Chamber Orchestra 2 concerts i Lodz, Poland, in co-operation with The Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Lódz, and PRIMUZ Chamber Orchestra. Soloist: Unni Løvlid.

Week 24: Telemark Chamber Orchestra concert at the 'Vestfoldfestspillene', 12. June in Tønsberg. World premiere: 'Poemata Minora', violin concerto by Martin Romberg. Soloist: Catharina Chen.

Activities 2014:
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. December.

Tchaikowski Nutckracker, ballet in Tromsö, Norway. December.

Telemark Chamber Orchestra, 2 concerts in Poland. November.

Masterclass and concert at The Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Lódz, Polen. October.

Telemark Chamber Orchestra, concert in Skien. October.

Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, Norway. October.

Orchestra course for young string players, North of Norway. October.

Nord Rogaland Symphony Orchestra. September.

The Kristiansund Sinfonietta, Norway. September.

Telemark Chamber Ochestra, in cooperation with Ny Musikks Komponistgruppe (the Association for New Music, Norway, Young composers). Workshops and concerts. August.

Ensemble neoN and Susanna Wallumröd (winner of this years Selemann award) at The Molde Jazz festival, Norway. July.

The Kristiansund Sinfonietta, Norway. May.

Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, Norway. April.

Telmark Chamber Ochestra. Young soloists concert, Norway. March.

The Kristiansund Opera, Norway. Giuseppe Scarlatti: "Dove è amore è gelosia" (Where there is love, there is jealousy). January / February.

Activities 2013:
Tchaikowski Nutckracker, ballet in Kristiansund. December.

Prokofjev Cinderella, ballet in Tromsø. December.

Telmark Chamber Ochestra project in Telemark, with percussion soloist Heming Valebjørg. November.

Orchestra course for young string players at Kola (Zapoljarny), Russia. October.

Concert at Moster Amfi, the famous outdoor scene at Moster on the island of Bömlo with the Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra. September.

Celebrating the 850 years anniversary for the Halsnöy Kloster (The Monastery at Halsnöy) with the Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra and the choir Membra. September.

Concerts in Oslo and Luxembourg with ensemble Asamisimasa (Norway), music by Clemens Gadenstätter. September/ October.

CD recordings of new works by Mark Adderley, Olav Anton Thommessen and Antonio Bibalo with the TCO. On Fabra label,with producer Geir Inge Lotsberg. April.

Premiere of "Bite the Dog 2", violin concerto by Mark Adderley, with Telemark Chamber Orchestra and soloist Camilla Kjøll. April.

Symphony concert with the Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra; soloist Sveinung Bjelland in Chopin pianoconcerto in e minor. April.

Händel Messiah with the Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, choir from "Musikklinjen, Videregående skole Stord". March.

Puccini MADAMA BUTTERFLY at The Kristiansund Opera, Norway. Main soloists: Elisabeth Teige, Thomas Ruud, Trond Halstein Moe, Siv Oda Hagerupsen og Ola Marius Ryan. Stage director: Tine Topsøe. 5 performances in February.

Activity 2012:

21.-22. December: Christmas concerts with the Telemark Chamber Orchestra December

week 50:
Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker", full scale ballet in Kristiansund December

week 49:
Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty", full scale ballet in Tromsø

17. November:
the Krisiansund Symphony Orchestra

10.-12. November:
Jubilee concerts with the Telemark Chamber Orchestra, soloist Frode Haltli. Works by CPE Bach, Nils Henrik Asheim, Bent Sørensen and Béla Bartok

21. October:
Festival concert wirh the Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra

29. September:
the Krisiansund Symphony Orchestra

21. September:
Festival concert with The Sinfonietta of the Opera company in Kristiansund

Week 23:
The Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra

17. May:
Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra.

13. May:
Hedmarken Symphony Orchestra.

20. & 21. April:
Irving Berlin's "Annie get you gun", with The Kristiansund Sinfonietta.

14. April:
Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra, soloist Audun Sandvik, cello.

31. March & 1. April:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra; Haydn: The Seven Last Words of the Savour on the Cross; in Telemark and Oslo.

25. March:
Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra.

9. March:
Norw. ensemble Asamisimasa at "2012 Musiques Biennale En - Scène" in Lyon; Music by Simon Steen-Andersen.

6. March:
Oslo Symphony Orchestra, at the Norw. State Akademy of Music; premiéring Violin Concerto by Trygve Madsen with soloist Bjarne Magnus Jensen; also Mussorgsky and Shostakovich no 9.

11. February:
Operagalla at the Kristiansund Operafestival, with singers Thomas Ruud, Trond Gudevold, Eir Inderhaug & Lise Granden Berg (a.o.)

4. & 5. February:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra in Oslo and Skien, with Ghislain Gourvennec, organ and Fredrik Sjölin, cello; CPEBach, Ødegaard, Webern, Sallinen, Pärt.

15. to 18. December:
Tchaikovski: Nutcracker, ballett, in Kristiansund.

10. & 11. December:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra, Christmas concerts, with Åshild Breie Nyhus on nyckelharpa; World premiére of 2nd Concerto for Organ by Henrik Ødegaard, soloist Ghislain Gourvennec.

1. & 2. & 3. December: Adam:
Giselle, ballett, in Tromsø.

26. November:
Conducting Norw. ensemble Asamisimasa in Huddersfield. Music by Simon Steen-Andersen.

19. November:
Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra. World premiére of Triple Concerto by Marcus Paus, and Schumann 2nd Symphony.

5. & 6. November:
Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, family concerts.

31. October:
Conducting Norw. ensemble Asamisimasa in Copenhagen. Music by Simon Steen-Andersen.

15. & 16. October:
Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra, doing music from Star Wars (John Williams) and other famous motion pictures.

23. September:
The Kristiansund Sinfonietta. Bent Sørensen, Anton Webern, Mozart, Busoni, Villa Lobos. Soloist: Thomas Kjekstad, guitar.

18. September:
Harald Hårfagre Chamber Orch., on the Valenfestival. Valen, Asheim and Bach.

13. September:
Conducting Norw. ensemble Asamisimasa at the Ultima Festival in Oslo. Music by Simon Steen-Andersen.

10. September:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra at the Ultimafestival in Oslo, soloists: Poing. 3 world premiéres by Olav Anton Thommessen, Bent Sørensen and Simon Steen-Andersen. Pluss Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

20. August:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra. Playing at the Organ Festival in Skien. Ødegaard Organ Concerto #1.

22. May:
Hedmarken Symphony Orchestra. Soloist: Guro Kleven Hagen in Mendelssohn Violin Concerto.

17. May:
Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra.

16. & 17. April:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra. Joseph Haydn's "Seven last Words of the Saviour on the Cross".

9. & 10. April:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra, with young soloists.

2. & 3. April:
Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra in cooperation w. The Symphony Orch. of North Rogaland, Brahms 2nd Symphony and Sibelius Violin Concerto. Soloist: Eldbjørg Hemsing.

27. March:
Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra. Schubert 5th, Grieg & Shostakovich.

28. January:
Conducting Norw. ensemble Asamisimasa at festival Music Ultraschall in Sophiensaele in Berlin. Music by Simon Steen-Andersen.

6. & 7. & 8. January:
New Years Concerts in Alta, Karasjokk and Vadsø, North of Norway, "Wiennese style", with soloists Magnus Staveland and Eir Inderhaug.

16. & 17. & 18. December:
"The Nutcracker" with the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra, a unabridged ballet version by choreographer Sally Parkinson with the "Tromsø Kulturskoleballett".

07. December:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra with soloist Ingrid Andsnes in Bærum Kulturhus, releasing the CD "Passione" on Fabra.no

20. & 21. November:
Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra with a recruitingproject adressed to young stringplayers and audience of children.

14. November:
Telemark Chamber Orchestra celebrating the Ole Bull jubilé in a recruitingproject adressed to young stringplayers. With Knut Buen on Hardangerfiddle and soloists from the orchestra.

30. October:
Cairo Symphony Orchestra with soloist Geir Botnen (Sibelius 2nd / Grieg pianoconc. / Tveitt / Nordheim)

03. & 04. & 06. October
Telemark Chamber Orchestra with soloist Ingrid Andsnes (Haydn "Passione"/ Mozart KV 414 /Elgar op. 20 / Nordheim); concerts followed by recording for Fabra.no

11. September:
Opening Concert as Chief Conductor with the Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra (Schubert "Unfinished" a.o.)

Week 22:
The Telemark Chamber Orchestra, "La Passione" - Haydn Symphony no 49, Mozart "Sinfonia Concertante", Elgar "Serenade" op. 20 & Nordheim "Nachruf", in Seljord, Sandefjord & Porsgrunn.

30. May:
Hedmarken Symphony Orch., Tchaikowsky's "Romeo & Juliet", Grieg "Symphonic Dance no 1", Svendsen "Festpolonaise" a.o.; soloists are Tanja Irene Leine, soprano & Ellen Margrethe Flesjø, cello.

Week 15:
The Telemark Chamber Orchestra in cooperation with Choir from Skien College of Music.

Lars-Erik ter Jung is participating in an International Master Class in Berlin held by Maestro Kenneth Kiesler with The Berlin Sinfonietta in week 20. Arranged by Philharmonisches Kammerorchester Berlin.

March 27 & 28: 4 concerts with "The Seven Words of the Saviour on the Cross" by Joseph Haydn, a Telemark Chamber Orchestra production.

March 21:
Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, works by Barber, Mendelssohn and Dvorak (Missa in D).

March 5 & 6:
Concerts with Chamber Orchestra "Harald Hårfagre" in Haugesund; a.o. works is Prokofjev's "Peter and the Wolf".

February 13:
Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra at Kvinnherad Cultural Festival, works by Barber, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Sibelius and Goleminov.

February 7:
The project Barents Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO) is having it's concert, closing this winter's seminars in Tromsø. Soloist: Sergej Osadchuk, piano (Grieg Concerto a-minor)


Week 50: Concerts with Telemark Chamber Orchestra. Unni Løvlid, singer; Bogumila Dowlasz, violin & Anders Rensvik, viola. Works by Åm, Atterberg a.o.

Week 49: Prokofjev "Cinderella", ballett version in Tromsø with Tromsø Chamber Orchestra.

Nov. 22: Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, works by Vivaldi (Gloria), Barber, Goleminov and Mendelssohn.

Week 43: Recording with ensemble Asamisimasa the work "On And Off And To And Fro" by danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen. Presented in concert in Oslo on Oct. 25.

Week 42: Concerts with Telemark Chamber Orchestra: Bø 16.10. & Skien 17.10. Presenting young soloists: Håkon Aase, violinist and Ida Ursin-Holm, singer.

Week 23 / 24:
Concerts with Telemark Chamber Orchestra: Porsgrunn 6.6., Tokke 7.6. and at Klosterdagane festival, Halsnøy on the 14th. June. Tchaikowski.Serenade, Mendelssohn Symphony no 2 for strings and Grieg Songs with soloists Arild Bakke & Anders Vangen.

Week 17: Conducting at "Valen dagene", Haugesund, with soloists Håvard Gimse, Tine Ting Helseth and Audun Halvorsen.

4. and 5. April:
3 concerts with "The Seven Words of the Saviour on the Cross" by Joseph Haydn, a Telemark Chamber Orchestra production.

Week 14:
Norw. State Academy of Music, orchestra project, concert on the 3rd of April.

14. & 15. March
: Hedmarken Symphony Orch.

Week 8:
BIT20 Ensemle in "PAPIR - prosjektet" - "the PAPER - project". Music by Knut Vaage.

15. Febr.: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orch. at the Kvinnherad Kulturfestival. Schostakowitch Chamber Symphony op. 110a, Haydn Violin Conc. with soloist Silje Haugan.


Week 50: The Telemark Chamber Orchestra in cooperation with singer Torun Eiksen.

Week 49: The ballett "Giselle" by Adolphe Charles Adam in Tromsö.

19. Nov.: The Oslo Sinfonietta. New pieces by a new generation of Norwegian composers.

9. Nov.: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orch. Schostakowitch Chamber Symphony op. 110a, Mozart piano conc. no. 14, with soloist Marita Rabben.

30. & 31: Oct.: Concerts in Cairo and Alexandria with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in their Golden Anniversary 50th Season, in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy and several profiled soloists.

25. & 26. Oct.: Hedmarken Symphony Orch. Beethoven 6th Symphony and Tchaikowsky's Violin Concerto with soloist Catharina Chen.

Week 37: On September 11th concert with The Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK) exclusively with music by Norwegian composer Helge Iberg. On the programme is a world premiere of his new violin concerto "Tale of sorrowful song" (soloist: Terje Tønnesen), and a new premiere of his reconstructed work "Aren't we all warriors in our own lives?" for orchestra.

4. July: Telemark Chamber Orchestra in cooperation with "Det norske blåseensemble", with first performance of Antonio Bibalo's "Concerto da Camera no. 3" at "Vestfoldfestspillene". Prokofjev's "Classical Symphony" and Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 12 in A Major with soloist is Ingrid Andsnes is also on the program.

5. June: Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Haydn Symphony no 99, Mozart Bassoon Conc. with soloist Linn Cecilie Størkersen and Ottetto by Björn Kruse.

25. May: Hedmarken Symfoniorkester. A.o. works: Haydn Symph. no 104, "London".

May: Studio production with The Norwegian Radio Orch. (KORK). Music for the new criminal-series "Kodenavn Hunter 2".

19. April: Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra concert at Bömlo.

29. March: The Norwegian Radio S.O. (KORK) with young Norwegian soloists in the broadcasted NRK concert for the EBU competition.

15. and 16. March: 3 concerts with "The Seven Words of the Saviour on the Cross" by Joseph Haydn, a Telemark Chamber Orchestra production.

7. March: Tromsö S.O. at the opening of the "Kontak" festival. "Shaker Loops" by John Adams, Eivind Buene's "Langsam und schmachtend" and "Concertino" by David Bratlie with guitarist Thomas Kjekstad.

13. January: Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra concerts at Leirvik and Valen.

Week 49: The ballett "Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky (unabridged) in Tromsö. Several performances with The Tromsö Symph. Orch.

25. Nov.: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orch. is playing in Moster Amfi. Pieces by Grieg, Vivaldi, Mozart, Sibelius and Piazzolla.

Week 46: Telemark Chamber Orch. is premiering a guitar concerto by young Norwegian composer David Bratlie. Soloist: Thomas Kjekstad. Also works by Hugo Wolf, Vivaldi and Grieg.

9. Oct.: The Norwegian Chamber Orch. on the "Ultima Festival" in Oslo. Works by Thomas Adès and Helge Iberg. Soloist: Atle Sponberg, violin.

Week 39: 3 world premieres with Tromsö Symph. Orch. and soloists, along with Schostakowitch Symphony for Strings op. 73

4.-5. Sept.: A 2 days workshop with the string section of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

30. May: Workshop with the Cikada ensemble for contemporary music, for the Norwegian New Music Assosiaton and their Composers group.

Week 16: Program with the stringplayers of the Tromsö Symphony Orch., works by Stravinski, Rota, CPE Bach and Sallinen. Soloist: Haavard S. Bilsbak.

Week 11-12: Concerts with The Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra in Bergen and Leirvik, Stord. Works by Holst, Bach, Vivaldi (Magnificat) ao.

Week 10: The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, music for Henrik Ibsen's "The Comedy of love" ("Kjærlighetenes Komedie") by Lars Lillo Stenberg, orchestrated by Åsmund Feidje. Concerts in Oslo and Drammen, soloists are among others Kåre Conradi, Heidi Gjermundsen Broch and Lars Lillo Stenberg.


26th Dec.: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra. Works by Holst, Svendsen, Handel ao.

Week 51: The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, well known Christmas repertoire. Several concerts for children, older people and family concert are scheduled.

Week 46/47: The Nutcracker (unabridged) by Tchaikovsky in Tromsö. Seven ballett performancec with the Tromsö Symphony Orchestra, involving 227 children dancing, staged by Sally Parkinson.

Week 44: The Staff Band of the Norwegian armed forces, concert in Universitetes Aula in Oslo, on the 3rd of November. Programme: Egil Hovland "Fanfare and Chorale", Stravinsky Piano Concerto, Olav Berg "Poseidon" and Tchaikovsky "Romeo and Juliette". Soloist is Sveinung Bjelland, piano.

Week 36: The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. The project is concerned with school concerts, presenting well known symphonic repertoire, like the finale from "Firebird" by Stravinskij, 3rd mvt from Tsjaikovskij Symphony no 5, "Morgenstimmung" from Griegs "Peer Gynt", last mvt from Brahms 2nd Symphony and Ouverture to "La forza del destino" by Verdi for youngsters aged 16-19.

Week 34: Participating in international conducting masterclass in Greifswald, Germany, with Prof. Kenneth Kiesler (USA) and the Philharmonisches Orchester Theatre Vorpommern. I the two closing concerts ter Jung has conducted from Brahms 4th Symphony and from Beethoven 5th.

Week 33: On short notice conducting a concert with the Trondheim Soloists at the Oslo Chamber Music Festival, held in the Chapel at the Royal Norwegian Castle on the 15th of August. Music by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Hans Werner Henze and Aulis Sallinen. Soloists were Arto Noras, cello, Tom Ottar Andreassen, flute and Sidsel Walstad, harp.

12th July: Project with Telemark Chamber Orcestra and soloist Arve Tellefsen at Tellefsens festival in Stavern. Music by J.S. Bach, Mozart, Schostakovitch and Åm.

Week 21: The Stavanger Symphony Ochestra, doing a school concert production with film music by John Williams.

Week 20: The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, recording music by Trond Bjerknes for the TV series about "The young Ibsen".

Week 14: The Staff Band of the Norwegian armed forces, in Slottskirken, Akershus festning. Performed work is "Fröhliche Werkstatt" by Richard Strauss, one of the great composers latest works.

Week 4: Celebrating the 250 years anniversary of Mozart, in Harstad, conducting the Forsvarets Musikkorps Nord Norge.

Week 3: The Staff Band of the Norwegian armed forces, in Askim Culture House and in The University Aula in Oslo, doing Mozart's Ouverture from Figaro along with Arias with soloist Isa Katharina Gericke, Debussy's The Afternoon of a Faun, Dukas' The Sorcerer's Apprentice and from Rachmaninov's Symphonic Danses op. 45.


11th Dec.: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra is doing a popular programme with pieces by Britten, Rautavaara, Halvorsen, Nielsen and Vivaldi in Leirvik, Stord.

Week 47: The programme for the concerts in Tönsberg and Skien with Telemark Chamber Orchestra and The Royal Norwegian Marines Windband (Marinemusikken) conducted by Lars-Erik ter Jung has to be changed, due to problems with the delivery of the new piece by Antonio Bibalo. The Symphony No. 99 by Joseph Haydn will be replacing this and played along with pieces by Stravinski and Mozart, and by Svendsen and Ole Bull - with violinist Arve Tellefsen as soloist.

26th Sept.: CD release: "Nostos" (on Fabra) consisting of 3 new Norwegian pieces, commissioned by Telemark Chamber Orch. On this CD ter Jung performs both as violin soloist("Nostos", violin concerto by Björn Kruse) and conductor ("Nyslaatt", concerto for 2 hardanger fiddles and strings by Henrik Ödegaard and "Omriss" for chamber choir and 9 string players by Gisle Kverndokk). The choir "Vokalensemblet Cor" with choirmaster Torbjörn Dyrud, Torgeir Straand and Per Anders Buen Garnaas are participating on this recording, which is made in cooperation with producer Geir Inge Lotsberg on the label Fabra.

24th Sept.: The Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, matiné concert, family concert concept.
16th June: The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. On the programme works by Mendelssohn (1st Symphony), Neruda and Olav Berg.
Week 21: Conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Diploma soloist Olav Bakke in Carl Nielsen's Clarinet concerto.

Week 17: Conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, doing works by Stravinski, Haydn and Mozart. Soloist is Lina F. Braaten.

Week 6: Directing the Telemark Chamber Orchestra in concerts and recording. Pieces by Henrik Ödegaard ("Nyslaatt") with soloists Per Anders Buen Garnaas and Torgeir Straand on hardanger fiddle and Gisle Kverndokk ("Omriss") with the chamber choir "Cor" are featured on a new CD with TCO which will be released this year.

Week 4: The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces in Universitetets Aula in Oslo. Programme: Ouverture to Mozarts "Die Entführung aus der Seraille", Martinue´s "Concertino for cello and winds", soloist Öystein Birkeland, and Schönberg´s "Thema mit Variationen" op 43a for full band. The concert is closing with Richard Strauss´ virtuosic piece "Fröhliche Werkstatt" for 16 wind players.


13th Nov.: The Cheltenham Chamber Orchestra, England. Works by Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night's Dream ouverture and Violin Concerto, with soloist Gina McCormack, and 5th Symphony by Vaughan Williams.November: Production with the strings of Tromsö Symphony Orchestra. Works by Britten, Elgar, Bridge and Purcell. In the concert on the 5th of November soloist Vidar Austvik (principal flute of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra) is playing works by Malcolm Arnold and Lucas Foss.

Week 44: Premiering a new chamber opera by Norwegian composer Jon Rörmark with lyrics by Ragnar Hovland, with the Telemark Chamber Orchestra and singers Cecilie Schilling and Marius Roth Christensen.

22nd Aug.: The Staff Band of the Nowegian Armed Forces at the Oslo International Chamber Music Festival. Stravinsky's Symphonies of Wind Instruments and Dvorak's Serenade for winds op. 44 are on the programme.

13th May: Forsvarets Stabsmusikkorps (The Staff Band of the Nowegian Armed Forces) in The University Aula in Oslo, with a national romantic programme: Grieg, Sibelius, Mendelssohn, Saeverud, Ole Olsen and Irgens-Jensen. Soloist is the winner of Queen Sonja International Music Competition 2001, soprano Marita Kvarving Sölberg. 18th April: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra's 20 years anniversary concert. A new piece by ter Jung, "A melancholistic study" for strings and harpsicord, is among the performed pieces.

Week 13: Telemark Chamber Orchestra, 3 concerts with Haydn's "The Seven Last Words of our Saviour on the Cross" and cello concerto in C major with soloist Haavard Bilsbak.

Week 6: Production with Forsvarets Musikkorps Tröndelag.

Week 5: The Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Örebro,a production with school concerts.Week 2: New Year concerts with Forsvarets Musikkorps Tröndelag.


11-13th Dec.: The Royal Norwegian Navy Band's Christmas concerts in Holmestrand, Tönsberg and Horten.December: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra with choir, concert in Ölen.

30th Oct.: Telemark Chamber Orchestra is presenting a programme of Norwegian composers Nordheim, Aam and Kverndokk, along with Schostakowitsch Chamber Symphony and Haydn cello concerto in C. Haavard Bilsbak is the soloist.

13-19th Oct.: The Swedish Chamber Orchestra in Örebro, highlighting the music of Mozart in a production for children.

31th Aug. - 10th Sept.: Participating in the international Sibelius symposium for conductors in Brasov, Rumania, as one of 12 worldwide selected professional conductors. Working on essential repertoar by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius with the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra, supervised by maestro Jorma Panula, all to be performed over the forthnight in 4 concerts.

August: In the UK, studying conducting with George Hurst.

8th May: The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces, concert in Oslo, programme consisting of music by Bernstein, Gershwin, Coates and Shostakovich.

27-28th March: Forsvarets Musikkorps Tröndelag, concerts in Steinkjer and Trondheim.

Week 4: The Telemark Chamber Orchestra and Minken Fossheim, in "The Story about Mozart"


1st Dec.: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, with choir and soloists, works by Corelli, Warlock and Dagsvik.

22-23rd Nov.: The Telemark Chamber Orchestra, with Bartok and Mozart on the programme, doing three concerts during the orchestra's 10 years' jubilee week. ter Jung will also perform as soloist in the premiére of Björn Kruse's concerto for violin and strings comissioned by the TCO.

November: The Tromsö Symphony Orchestra. Programme named "Polyphonic Tango" with music by Martinu, Nielsen, Lutoslawski, D'Almeida, Schnittke and Hindemith.

16th Oct.: The BIT20 Ensemble, playing the widely broadcasted official inauguration ceremony of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt.

29th Sept.: The Western Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces in Haakonshallen in Bergen.

29th Sept.: The Chamber Orchestra of the Bergen Cultural School, giving a concert in Bergen.

20th Sept.: The Western Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces, playing in the foyer of Grieghallen in Bergen.

Week 34: The Royal Norwegian Navy Band, four concerts.5-16th Aug.: In the UK, studying conducting with George Hurst.

12th June: The BIT20 Ensemble: Ligeti's Chamber Concerto.

8th May: The Western Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces, doing music by several Norwegian composers in Bergen Cathedral, a concert celebrating the ending of The German occupation in 1945.

18-19th April: The Telemark Chamber Orchestra with young soloists in Kviteseid and Skien.

11th April: The Northern Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces and soloist Minken Fossheim in a family concert.

10th April: The Northern Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces and soloist Steinar Albrigtsen in a family concert.

15th March: The Tromsö Symphony Orchestra, doing Haydn's "The Seven Last Words of our Saviour on the Cross" in Tromsö Cathedral.

10th March: The Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, works by Britten, L.E. Larsson, Bach and Rautavaara in Husnes kulturhus.

26th Jan.: The Tromsö Symphony Orchestra at Nordlysfestivalen. Soloist: Martin Fröst, clarinet.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina: In view of the ongoing developments in the region, Egyptian President Mubarak has decided that it would be more appropriate to postpone the official Inauguration of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and associated celebrations and festivities. A new date will be fixed in the near future. Norwegian BIT20 Ensemble and conductor Lars-Erik ter Jung will take part in the ceremony.


16th Dec.
: The Telemark Chamber Orchestra, in a concert at Treungen Church.

7th Dec.: The BIT20 Ensemble, the Norwegian Girl’s Choir and soloists Siri Torjesen and Juni Dahr at The Royal Norwegian Embassy’s traditional Norwegian Christmas concert in St.Martin-in-the-Fields, in the presence of HRH Crown Prince Haakon and HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit.