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Fabra records, label of ter Jung's CDs.

TKO, Telemark Chamber Orchestra

Lars-Erik ter Jung recently premiered two works by Norw. Composer Jan Erik Mikalsen, his piano concerto "Just for You" played by pianist Ellen Ugelvik and the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, premiered at the Ultima festival in Oslo on September 15, and "The Munchsonata", version for string orchestra (2016) played by Telemark Chamber Orchestra in Sarpsborg Church on September 28.

"The Munchsonata" together with "Lied" (2012) by Mikalsen will be performed by ter Jung / Telemark Ch.O. in Kampen Church in Oslo on October 11. The works will then be recorded together with "Chase" (version for Chamber Orch. 2006) by Nils Henrik Asheim and "Study on a Norwegian Hymn" (1976) by Magnar Åm, also played in the concert at Kampen.

"Telemark Chamber Orchestra" is since 2016 no longer supported by its region of origin, namely Telemark (Norway). As the Artistic Director with this dynamic ensemble, Lars-Erik ter Jung will be fronting its forthcoming activities both in Norway and abroad - eventually under another "brand" - continuing his task of keeeping up the orchestra as a vital co-operator for composers and the contemporary field of music in particular, already brought forward under ter Jungs artistic leadership, now widely acknowledged.

Among upcoming projects is the new opera "Kimen" by Magnar Åm, with libretto by Oda Radoor, based on a novel by Norw. author Tarjei Vesaas, commissioned by ter Jung and the Telemark Ch.O. The premiere will take place in June 2018; a concertant performance was done on July 1 this year in Volda, the composers hometown, and another concertant performance will take place at Sentralen in Oslo on December 5.

Lars-Erik ter Jung conducting activities summer and fall of 2017:

July: the first performance of parts of the new opera "Kimen" by Magnar åm with libretto by Oda Radoor, done concertant with four soloists and string ensemble.

August: course in orchestra playing for young string players in TromsØ, Norway, traditionally called "the Kirsten Sand course".

September: world premiere, Jan Erik Mikalsens piano concerto "Just for You", Oslo Philharmonic Orch. / Ellen Ugelvik, Sentralen, Oslo

September: world premiere, Jan Erik Mikalsens "Munchsonaten" for string orchestra, Telemark Chamber Orch., Sarpsborg Church

October: Hedmarken Symphony Orchestra, Mendelssohn Symphony #5, "Reformation", Hamar Church

October: Concert and recording of works by profiled Norwegian composers Mikalsen, Asheim and Åm, Telemark Chamber Orchestra, Kampen Church, Oslo

October: Oppstryk, a course for young string players and amateurs that provides the possibility for playing in orchestra together with teachers and professionals, in Kirkenes, Finnmark - the furthest North-East region of Norway, Co-operation with Russian string players

November: Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra with piano soloists, celebrating the new grand piano in the concerthall at Leirvik

December: a concertant performance of parts of the new opera "Kimen" by Magnar Åm with libretto by Oda Radoor, Telemark Ch.O. / Fremmerlid, Fangel Mo a.o.
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