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Concerts 2013

Tchaikowski Nutckracker, ballet in Kristiansund. December.

Prokofjev Cinderella, ballet in Tromsø. December.

Telemark Chamber Ochestra project in Telemark, with percussion soloist Heming Valebjørg. November.

Orchestra course for young string players at Kola (Zapoljarny), Russia. October.

Concert at Moster Amfi, the famous outdoor scene at Moster on the island of Bömlo with the Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra. September.

Celebrating the 850 years anniversary for the Halsnöy Kloster (The Monastery at Halsnöy) with the Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra and the choir Membra. September.

Concerts in Oslo and Luxembourg with ensemble Asamisimasa (Norway), music by Clemens Gadenstätter. September/ October.

CD recordings of new works by Mark Adderley, Olav Anton Thommessen and Antonio Bibalo with the TCO. On Fabra label,with producer Geir Inge Lotsberg. April.

Premiere of "Bite the Dog 2", violin concerto by Mark Adderley, with Telemark Chamber Orchestra and soloist Camilla Kjøll. April.

Symphony concert with the Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra; soloist Sveinung Bjelland in Chopin pianoconcerto in e minor. April.

Händel Messiah with the Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, choir from "Musikklinjen, Videregående skole Stord". March.

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